Medusa: The artwork of Chris Achilleos (2002)

I’ve been looking for this book for some time now and finally found it at Zanadu Comics in Seattle.
It’s a wonderful guide and reference to Achilleos work over the years.
 photo 8C749D65-A02E-4CDB-BD3D-BBBDB7805EDB.jpg

 photo EDAB9BDE-5A38-4345-96CE-4B1231283A51.jpg

The blurb doesn’t quite bolster the excitement that I have for this great Swamp Thing reference/appearance.
 photo 819A516B-C164-4C2D-BBF2-468FD2C48B6B.jpg

I’ve only seen the painting used on UK, VHS packaging and have been on the lookout for other examples.

 photo D49CD063-A64E-4232-8A32-5C7F75BE7B34.jpg

I’d love to track down this printed, promo, pop-out piece. The detail work on the Swampy frame is beautiful.
 photo 59207255-2705-4398-B97B-FDD1E9A47357.jpg


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