Modern Masters Volume Twenty-Eight: Eric Powell

I’m in Seattle for 5 days and while here I’ll stop by a few comic shops with the hopes of finding some Swamp Thing related books I’ve been on the hunt for. My first stop was at Arcane Comics and I was able to find this great Eric Powell collection

Modern Masters Volume Twenty-Eight: Eric Powell (2012)
 photo 94847307-9CC0-4920-9727-D034040E3814.jpg
The book features amazing cover sketches.
 photo E86F63BC-C5CA-4351-A3D0-24A66E067271.jpg
Powell illustrated 9 Swamp Thing covers, issues #21-29 of series three.
 photo BE55CE75-80D1-40C8-866D-B0D63264AD4E.jpg

The crew at Arcane comics is great and very helpful.
Along with the Powell book, I picked up the Space Riders (Black Mask) series by Fabian Rangel Jr and Alexis Ziritt. The 4 book series is fantastic and very well done. I had the pleasure of hanging out with Jen Vaughn while visiting an old friend and she recommended the book. She knows her shit and is very nice.


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