Modern Masters Volume Eleven: Charles Vess

Vess’s Swamp Thing covers are amongst my favorite of Swamp Thing artists. His work on swamp Thing is very underrated. Between 1992 and ’94, he illustrated twelve covers starting with #121 and ending with issue #139 of series two. Some of those covers were featured on Vertigo Skybox trading cards in the mid-90s. I’ll get around to posting those another time.

Another great book that I snagged yeaterday at Zanadu Comics.

Modern Masters Volume Eleven: Charles Vess (2007)

I wish I had better scans of the pages but I’m writing these posts on the road at the moment so pictures taken from the iPad camera will have to make do. I recommend finding a copy for your collection. The book features some beautiful work from throughout vess’s career.

I love these roughs for Swamp Thing #131

Back cover

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