The Saga of the Swamp Thing 9 (series 2)

The Saga of the Swamp Thing 9 (1983)
Prelude to Holocaust

Swamp Thing, Liz and Barclay are headed toward the Jersey shore in their spirit powered helicopter. So far so good except for the lack of leg room in the back seat for Swamp Thing.

The aircraft falls apart when the final, helpful spirit evacuates his human form leaving Liz, Barclay and Swampy plummeting to the sea below. Yet another mode of transportation Swamp Thing has fallen from.

Kay is back in DC trying to put Feldner back together using a receptor. (SotST #5)

After spending so much time on movie island (last issue), a recap is used to keep readers up to speed. Casey (or Karen) torched Feldner because he tried to escape which must have been some sort of coming of age thing because now she is a grown woman.
Telepathic psychopaths, Oh, how they grow up so fast.

The Sunderland Corp doesn’t trust Kay any longer and assign a familiar face (Grasp) to keep tabs on him.

Meanwhile, back on the Jersey shore, our trio gets a hotel room to freshen up. Liz dyes her hair black, Barclay grows a mustache and Swampy takes a long soak in the bathtub.

Sunderland Corp has a rigorous protocol when it comes to making prints and using their copier.
If you do not know your unique Sunderland Corp Xerox machine password, please contact Human Resources or your commanding officer.

Variety is their main source for entertainment and espionage news. If Sunderland Corp doesn’t know, Variety hasn’t broken the news yet.

At this point, everyone is making a mad dash back to the Barclay Institute in South Dakota to, inadvertently, meet up. There are answers to be found in the Black Hills and they somehow get there in no time flat.
These three have done so much traveling since they met. They must be exhausted.


Kay’s telepathic cohort Milton is back in the picture, mutations and all. His psionic energy is at an all time high. He assists Liz, Swampy and Barclay for Kay but soon detains them until they pledge their allegiance to Kay’s mission.

Kay and Milton try to strong-arm Swampy and friends into joining their cause, to stop Casey from destroying mankind. If only they had asked nicely.

…to be continued

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