DC Comics: A Celebration of the World’s Favorite Comic Book Heroes

DC Comics: A Celebration of the World’s Favorite Comic Book Heroes (2003)

This DC reference book has it all; character bios, artist histories, info on movie adaptations as well as collectibles.

Swampy is prominently featured and has a few different articles within the book

Mulch Ado About Bayou
The Swamp Thing portion of the book runs through his history as well as the stellar creators and artists who’ve contributed to his legacy.


Swamp Thing On Screen
the Swamp Thing film and TV portion of the book does a great job breaking down info about the two feature films and the TV series.

The level of Swamp Thing commitment is truly great. It’s no surprise that Swamp Thing has had so many chances at getting on the big and small screen.

Another mention of the corrosive swamp waters. I’ve come across a few movie related interviews/articles that mention the ST suit decomposing in the swamp waters of South Carolina.

“…lumbering around like a guy who woke up to discover that someone had put too much starch in his shorts.”

Some of the more well known characters featured in the book have a collectibles page. There are some pretty great items. I’d love to put a Swamp Thing collectibles spread together for if they ever update the book. There certainly are enough crazy Swampy items out there.

The book also features an action figures section! Unfortunately, Swampy was a no show.

back cover:

One thought on “DC Comics: A Celebration of the World’s Favorite Comic Book Heroes

  1. Interesting. I haven’t come across this book before, but it seems to be an updated version of this:
    Daniels, Les. “Swamp Thing : Much Ado About Bayou.” DC Comics: Sixty Years of the World’s Favorite Comic Book Heroes. Boston: Bulfinch Press, 1995. 158-61. Print.
    I think the Swamp Thing content might be the same in both books. It’s great to see Swampy get some quality mentions in this.

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