Fantastic Films 28 (volume 4)

Fantastic Films 28 (1982)
 photo D426B535-50FA-49E6-B008-F981A6C1BC83.jpg

Another Swamp Thing movie review!
 photo B95AA5EE-9C5E-4B90-AE79-F09AA3B405AA.jpg

Jack Harris presents us with a truly fantastic swampy write-up. I can’t say that I share all of his enthusiasm but I truly appreciate his insight.
 photo 487FDB29-CEEF-4DC3-BA49-9078D553FFF5.jpg

This film really delivers.
 photo 7A719B84-F308-4C3F-8DA7-5ECB7E74F573.jpg

I wouldn’t feel comfortable saying that Harris didn’t watch the entire film but he certainly gives it the benefit of the doubt.
 photo D805A5EB-E68D-48DC-9416-E7A48E2256F8.jpg

Hess never made me jolt out of my seat… Barbeau on the other hand may have.
 photo E21094F8-B93E-4812-A81C-6EF80D40C69C.jpg

I love this review.
 photo 013844DD-90FD-4E5A-A493-49FE93A21986.jpg


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