Superboy 230

Superboy 230 (1977)
The Creature Who Conned the Legion

The creature who convinced DC to run two Swamp Thing ads in one book is the best!
 photo 36EEAC8D-12AA-447E-ABC3-133351A6521A.jpg

 photo 3DB62F58-2E52-4FD2-9E11-17192D345AA5.jpg

This Superboy issue features an ad for the Original Swamp Thing Saga, book one and two.
 photo 471A067E-DF79-46BF-A772-30046FAD123B.jpg

the back of the book features the Swamp Thing Publishorial, as seen on a previous posts (1, 2, 3)
 photo 54064317-B24A-4856-BA3B-AE4CFAB120F1.jpg


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