Alter Ego 135

Alter Ego 135 (2015)
 photo 1536D089-FC4A-463A-B9B1-DC7FADFCADAF.jpg
The book has it all. This issue of Roy Thomas’ legendary fanzine turned full-size magazine celebrates Len Wein’s many contributions to the Silver Age.
And why isn’t Swampy part of the Justice League?

 photo 54BA93EE-F25A-4E47-BFB5-9C51695FD727.jpg

Alter Ego prides itself in featuring rare/unpublished content and they deliver in this issue.
 photo 8B32264F-DB05-4CB1-8B0D-9EE6B52381B4.jpg

The aricle cruises through Len’s career and contributions with numerous images and stories, told by Len.
 photo 3772CC08-B12D-4D7D-87F0-8C191BE47983.jpg

The Swamp Thing stories and info is what I was interested in.
 photo 7F5A1471-9576-46E7-AF3B-2D9CCFFC8471.jpg

Len discusses the creation of Swampy…
 photo 27BD1C0B-DE2A-43C0-B003-4F163766C301.jpg
 photo 5D4361E1-6A63-43DF-952D-F2D0C9C793AE.jpg

Swamp Thing is naked. Put some trunks on him!
 photo 2DF8C156-4633-4C5D-8952-1BDC062D5235.jpg
 photo 9F33BE46-5304-4B12-9EF7-8E858AB54A6B.jpg

I found this sales related portion of the article interesting. It may be a testimate to Redondo’s work. The artwork he created for ST 11 was pretty great. The cover is one of my favorites.
 photo 058441C3-74CE-4AE4-876E-9C51B114B5A8.jpg

The article also features a helpful checklist
 photo 70D0063E-1909-4310-AE0D-730F221158A4.jpg
 photo 01CCFDAC-B1C5-47D9-9EC0-5897742B5069.jpg

Who’s Who of American Comic Books is a helpful resource and an interesting story. It’s worth checking out. It’s nice to see that even after Jerry Bails passed on in 2006, his site is still being featured and advertised nine years later.
 photo 0A3F010E-0408-438F-9C1D-B40992A21CCF.jpg


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