Comic Buyer’s Guide 1030

Comic Buyer’s Guide 1030 (1993)
I’m always on the look out for issues of Comic Buyer’s Guide that feature Swamp Thing and there sure are a lot. This issue features an illustration by Scot Eaton.
 photo A110BB40-22D2-46D7-BFFF-9325EA91CED0.jpg

Eaton worked on Swamp Thing for about 19 (1992-1993) issues and introduced us to long haired Swampy.
 photo DD3A1685-60FF-4BE2-8A17-D2E0E4B53D56.jpg

Superman’s mullet lasted almost three years. Luckily we didn’t have to endure Swampy’ long hair for as long.

I enjoyed Eaton’s take on Swamp Thing as well as a number of the issues he worked on.
 photo F81DCC64-645A-4560-9195-C5B41A2AE0DF.jpg

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