Man-Thing 16 (Series 1)

Man-Thing 16 (1975)
Decay Meets the Mad Viking

This is only the second Man-Thing book I’ve posted (1st), not because I dislike the character but because I’ve never taken the time to get into him. That and I’m not a big fan of the design and his name. I know, poor reasons to not read a character but I’ve herd worse. Speaking of which…

Swamp Thing makes his way into a Man-Thing book, yet again. This ST mention is a litte more abrasive. I give the folks working on Man-Thing a heap load of credit for being so open about their criticism.


Fantastic Films 28 (volume 4)

Fantastic Films 28 (1982)

Another Swamp Thing movie review!

Jack Harris presents us with a truly fantastic swampy write-up. I can’t say that I share all of his enthusiasm but I truly appreciate his insight. Continue reading “Fantastic Films 28 (volume 4)”

DC Essentials Swamp Thing figure

DC Essentials Swamp Thing figure
The new Swamp Thing figure hit the shelves Wednesday and I’ve been hearing less than pleasing reactions.
I am pleased as punch to see another Swampy figure but I have some pretty strong Swamp blinders on at all times. Characters that are more obscure than Swampy get their shot at figures more often than not, it seems. More Swamp Thing action figures, the better.

The design and build looks almost identical to the New 52 action figure but without the wings and armor/antler details. The similarities seem to be a point of contention with other Swampy fans. The figure would have been a great opportunity for DC to redesign and re-imagine Swamp Thing. Since most die-hard fans picked up the winged New 52 figure, I’d imagine they would be hesitant to purchase this similar figure, especially at the price of $40.

When it comes down to it, this is a great looking figure. It’s nice to see Swamp Thing back in figure form.
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Saga of the Swamp Thing 10 (series 2)

The Saga of the Swamp Thing 10 (1983)
Number of the Beast
Last we saw Swampy and friends, they were tied up with the help of Milton’s powerful psionic/telepathic powers. Kay and his crew are desperately and violently trying to convince Swampy, Feldner, Liz and Barclay to join sides with them in order to hunt down Casey and stop her evil/destructive plans. (Hell of a run on sentence, I know)

Swamp Thing isn’t left with a choice. It’s Europe with Kay or bust… I mean burst. Continue reading “Saga of the Swamp Thing 10 (series 2)”

The Saga of the Swamp Thing 9 (series 2)

The Saga of the Swamp Thing 9 (1983)
Prelude to Holocaust

Swamp Thing, Liz and Barclay are headed toward the Jersey shore in their spirit powered helicopter. So far so good except for the lack of leg room in the back seat for Swamp Thing.
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The Saga of the Swamp Thing 8 (series 2)

The Saga of the Swamp Thing 8 (1982)
Here’s Looking at You Kid
Before jumping right in, please take a moment to enjoy how confident Swamp Thing looks in gold.

Last we saw Swampy, he was plunging to the depths of the ocean to destroy a giant, herpes ridden, alien squid. After destroying the alien being, Swamp Thing finds himself washed ashore a mysterious island, dazed and confused.

The book begins with the players.
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Modern Masters Volume Eleven: Charles Vess

Vess’s Swamp Thing covers are amongst my favorite of Swamp Thing artists. His work on swamp Thing is very underrated. Between 1992 and ’94, he illustrated twelve covers starting with #121 and ending with issue #139 of series two. Some of those covers were featured on Vertigo Skybox trading cards in the mid-90s. I’ll get around to posting those another time.

Another great book that I snagged yeaterday at Zanadu Comics.

Modern Masters Volume Eleven: Charles Vess (2007)

I wish I had better scans of the pages but I’m writing these posts on the road at the moment so pictures taken from the iPad camera will have to make do. I recommend finding a copy for your collection. The book features some beautiful work from throughout vess’s career.
FF558DC1-3587-4904-8C84-F2FF5981AAE2.JPG Continue reading “Modern Masters Volume Eleven: Charles Vess”