DC Sampler 1

DC Sampler #1 (1983)
Features previews and artwork from the best. I posted the second and third Sampler a few months back and this is the first book of the three. It features a small, star-filled Swamp Thing.
Ed Hannigan & Dick Giordano created the wraparound cover.
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Fifty Who Made DC Great

Fifty Who Made DC Great (1985)
1A860C5C-C8DF-4597-9EAE-D31B07F6F79F (1).JPG
A great reference book, spotlighting the early movers and shakers that made the best comics publisher what it is today.
As you can see, the list is full of comic greats but one name is most intriguing to me, Emile Keirsbelk. His publishing company and efforts helped bring DC to the non-English speaking world. Keirsbelk’s Arédit produced countless, classic editions. The large number of non-US editions keeps me busy hunting for all of the ones that feature Swamp Thing. So far it’s seemingly endless. Continue reading “Fifty Who Made DC Great”

Big Wow! ComicFest 2015

Earlier this year, San Jose’s Big Wow! ComicFest offered a Swamp Thing VIP ticket package. The special package provided priority seating to the Swamp Thing panel, a limited edition Swamp Thing print and autographs from classic Swamp Thing artists Stephen Bissette, Rick Veitch, John Totleben and Thomas Yeates.
Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the con but I was able to track down the Swamp Thing VIP package from someone who did. I was hoping that the program book would feature Swamp Thing on the cover or at least have more of a presence in the content.
The majority of the program contains featured artist/vendor profiles and event scheduling.

Swamp Thing VIP badge
signed by Stephen Bissette, Rick Veitch, John Totleben and Thomas Yeates.
5E14737E-66BE-43F0-BDFF-8DDFF2976685_1 (1).JPG

Limited, numbered Swamp Thing print

The Comics Buyer’s Guide #433 and Larry Charet

The Comics Buyer’s Guide For Comic Fandom #433 March, 5 1982

Cover: The Shadow by Terry Beatty

I sincerely enjoy researching and combing through this mountain of CBGs I’ve recently acquired, looking for any sign of Swamp Thing. In doing so I get to re-discover appearances, ads and articles that may have been long forgotten or brand new to folks that are unfamiliar with the content. No matter how big or small, a Swamp Thing sighting is an exciting moment. With these sightings comes a background story and something to document; not only for me but other Swamp Thing fans to reference. The longer I work on this website and build my Swampy collection, I find a great deal of enjoyment in treating the data and information I’m compiling as a reference tool/database. That being said/long story short, I present to you a very small Swamp Thing appearance within a full page ad.
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Comics Buyer’s Guide

Comics Buyer’s Guide #712 July, 10 1987

My local comic shop wiz and Swampy friend, John set aside a large box of Comics Buyer’s Guides for me to go through for Swamp Thing research and I found the most amazing Swamp Thing related articles, illustrations, ads and comic strips. I reviewed over 5 years of newspapers in three hours and am so excited to share my findings with you. It’ll take some time to thoroughly read through all of the CBGs I acquired but I’ll keep you posted as I do. This issue grabbed my attention first with the Rick Veitch interview, A talk with Swamp Thing’s new writer. 
 photo C3D3F50F-E4D9-412B-82EF-BEFB3209E239.jpg
 photo B71F8085-C25B-4982-87EA-03FFA12337AA.jpg

Like all CBG newspapers, this post has quite a bit of of content. I’ve included numerous questions and answers regarding Veitch’s prep and process for taking over the muck-encrusted reigns after Moore’s departure.
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Cosmopolitan Magazine… yep

Cosmopolitan Magazine – The Love Issue July 2015
Although I can’t say it with complete certainty, this should be the first and last Cosmopolitan Magazine post on the Roots website as well as in my Swamp Thing collection.

The cover is pretty cool. the book was designed with a tear-away layer to reveal the actual cover.
 photo IMG_5725.jpg
To each, their own; I won’t bad-mouth a magazine I don’t read and I was very interested when I heard that Swampy is mentioned. This issue spotlights couples that cosplay together.
 photo IMG_5727.jpg
This cool New Jersey couple does a wonderful job with their Swamp Thing costumes. It appears to be inspired by the New 52 design. Continue reading “Cosmopolitan Magazine… yep”

2015 Winter Comic Connect Auction Catalog

The 2015 Winter Comic Connect Auction Catalog features Swamp Thing!
Wrightson’s classic splash page is up for auction and one lucky Swamp Thing fan (or just a wealthy individual with a taste for comics) will eventually get their hands on it. I can’t wait to see how much this beautiful piece of art goes for.
 photo A6B66996-E342-4AC9-AA2C-9E48FF78B165.jpg
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