Airlock 2

Airlock 2 (1991)
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From Eclectus Ltd comes Airlock 2, featuring Yuck Thing! The book contains 8 short stories, Yuck thing being the best of course.
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A parody of Swamp Thing, Yuck Thing has an odd and slightly similar origin story, chemicals and all
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Alec and his wife are protesting the polluting of a swamp. The polluters have had just about enough so they take matters into their own hands.
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From the toxic waste and polluted waters comes… Yuck Thing!
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The kidnapping and treatment of Alec’s wife is disturbing at best and Yuck Thing doesn’t put up with it for long.
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 photo 3E00DD25-6578-4211-AB64-053E8013721F.jpg

Yuck Thing snaps a total of two necks.
 photo FA7B2130-0CA7-4CBF-95F4-C255A1AEE6F8.jpg

after the bad guys are dealt with the two lovers are reunited
 photo 9E421DC0-7D24-48B7-B478-6E5D021A1313.jpg

The ending is a little anticlimactic but that’s the life of a yuck thing.
 photo 65FFE1EB-BF88-4800-B751-3A3D02BA299B.jpg

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