Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special ’91

Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special ’91 (1991)
This book of bathing suit laden characters is chock-full o’ parody. Risqué compared to other books I’ve shared in the past, Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special features some strange takes on Swamp Thing as well as some wonderful firsts.
 photo 6A7E92DE-96FA-4FE3-B5AA-0D7FC1530401.jpg

Shawn McManus illustrated a happy Swamp Thing in tree form covering Abby in vines. They both look pretty content about the situation.
 photo E22FB162-759B-4AAA-BD33-CDC3287EAFB4.jpg

Batman never takes off the suit; not for Talia, not for a vacation in Tahiti
 photo 19D1C763-CB12-4311-AA4B-6EDC291D05AD.jpg

This beach frolicking dinosaur in a one piece is probably my favorite in the entire book. Brought to you by Brian Thomas of Dragon Island
 photo 4346FDF7-165D-4910-80FA-7E8819BA755D.jpg

The Flaming Carrot, Harvey Pekar and the Silver Surfer walk into a bar… No, no, no, they walk onto a beach. Damnit, I’m horrible at remembering jokes.
 photo 1CAA0278-0772-4C9C-95E6-A54C73B81411.jpg

Lois and Clark striking a pose in the finest of swimwear fashion. Well, maybe not Lois, she isn’t wearing much of anything. by RG Taylor
 photo B3C368B9-4FF8-4609-9C87-A5AC81C91665.jpg

Modok, the Leader and Gargoyle have never looked better! Modok’s giant beach hat is terrific.
 photo 43525040-EE05-48E4-956E-A94B0747636E.jpg

Ok, I may have to change my mind that THIS is the best one in the book. Jean-Luc Picard and Riker are looking sporty and ready for Rockaway.
 photo D33721AC-65DA-4287-B497-93093C87DFE5.jpg

John Constantine and his beach crew!
 photo 640FEE6C-C4FA-44C7-955E-BB54C49A3BC7.jpg

No nudity allowed on beach. Censorship sucks!
 photo B1BF78A4-1CF9-4990-8E9C-FCE4BC1040CD.jpg

The only time Hobbes and Swamp Thing will inhabit the same space. Swamp Thing and Boris have a history.
 photo C3C59436-D808-409B-8F90-D1F4E53069D8.jpg

“Why Death finds the beach a little depressing at times.”
 photo 88D6E586-CC7F-4B03-9D3C-3056B825C2B3.jpg

Betty Page kicking butt, slaying Punisher and the Hulk.
 photo 09D5224A-7766-49A9-90B6-01BDB0751A36.jpg

Ooooh Plastic Man! He’s a fresh one
 photo 0FFCFEBB-DA8E-4535-BA2E-0F01E88218F3.jpg

I absolutely love this morbid Nancy and Sluggo scene!
 photo C08CC99F-6F22-4148-9F3E-B610C6EE34B8.jpg

Swamp Thing is very surprised at the sight of his wife who is enjoying a relaxing dip in the swamp. The illustration was a collaboration by Lou Manna and Sajine F.
 photo EA802994-8FDA-410F-AC94-EB43537BEF95.jpg

I think I’d lose all credibility if I changed my mind regarding my favorite illustration, once again, so I won’t. BUT, I’m a huge Indiana Jones fan and Stuart Immonen along with Ron Boyd do an absolute bang-up job bringing Indiana to life on this ancient civilization turned Club Med.
“why’d it have to be beaches? I hate beaches… and snakes”
 photo D90BC27D-0130-4F67-BCCD-43FBB55745D7.jpg

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