What The?! 6

What The?! 6 (1990)
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There’s a healthy dose of jokes poking fun at Swamp Thing and Man-Thing in this Marvel parody.
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I love the little details throughout the story. Notice the swamp hand emerging from the water to paint the sign. “Berni Wrightson Memorial Play Lot”, that’s rich.

 photo 9537C9BA-5E72-49C6-A5D1-0445AB42CE97.jpg
An Alec Holland-like character, set ablaze, running through the Swamp, becoming… A REAL ESTATE DEVELOPER!

Doug Rice and Hilary Barta do a wonderful job with pencils and inks.
 photo E2AEBB6A-713E-432E-B4F4-83A46380F1BF.jpg
 photo 3B7E8250-11F7-472C-A7EB-696D153786A1.jpg
It’s nice to know that in this screwball world where Swamp Thing is a hippy and Man-Thing is a confused bystander, Yoda is in the thick of it all. (bottom, left panel).

Swamp Thing needs to be a little more considerate when using the facilities.
 photo 054866DB-15CE-41ED-9926-9B8D38B56B53.jpg
I hope, “Hollywood! Hollywood!” Is a reference to the movie 1941. I bet it is

 photo A768EA96-0BAF-4BA5-A1CD-A50188DAB540.jpg
Communication is problematic at best between the two swamp monsters.

Ehem, it was House of Secrets #92. Cabbage Tales would be a great series involving Cabbage Patch Kids, or it might not
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 photo C1534D16-442C-4A2E-96B0-753AFFE31CD1.jpg
Between these two, the smell must be awful
 photo 99FA4CD1-584D-4D99-A1F5-660F77E2AC5C.jpg

A fun commentary on Alan Moore’s muck-encrusted rambling/overwriting
 photo A8849D60-755A-40AB-AEE8-243FF6A03D52.jpg

Swamp Thing, the pusher man
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