Batman y La Criatura del Pantano

Batman y La Criatura del Pantano (1982)
Muerte en el Pantano
 photo 71202E6E-8179-4C57-9A91-D5051254BAA3.jpg

This Mexican edition of Brave and the Bold 176 The Delta Connection (1981) is the latest  treasure to join my collection. I’m always on the lookout for non-US editions. I’ve found that older Mexican editions seem a little harder to come by than Eurpoean editions. They usually carry a larger price tag as well.
 photo CCC27BB4-E25C-43FC-A5FF-1F5191B4B875.jpg

 photo CF7920BB-DB2F-4E1C-9D02-B2952CC290FC.jpg

 photo 7121C877-41C6-4A8A-86EB-1D578729E931.jpg

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