Starlog Magazine #52

Starlog Magazine #52 (1981)
This issue of Starlog fetures a run-of-the-mill recap of Swamp Thing the movie. Susan Adamo summarizes the plot and the players, along with some film scheduling and release notes.
 photo 3F9334FA-8A5B-488F-9DF7-9E7D9DAFDECD.jpg
 photo 798E26E3-25E5-44A8-A23B-E6D8BEE56B09.jpg

The article mentions a few books that I’ll be sure to add to my lists. These mentions/clues are what makes research and book hunting so fun.
Starlog #43
 photo 8CE1D41C-F9BA-4A87-8C0A-FAACC1CA2BD5.jpg
 photo 2B97FCA9-0017-4EED-8430-71360E9F3069.jpg
More articles referenced in November 1981 issues of Fangoria and Comics World, two more books to track down and add to the list.

It’s been a while since I’ve included an ad. These space jackets are too good to be true.
 photo 6EB2CE11-569A-4925-8C83-33F35A25AEB5.jpg

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