Vampirella Comics Magazine 8

Vampirella Comics Magazine 8 (2004)
 photo DC188FAA-70E9-48A5-B5A6-413BAB0232C5.jpg
The only Vampirella book I’ve read and own. Vampires have never been a big draw for me so due to lack of interest/effort, I’ve yet to jump into the world of Vampirella.

The magazine features a Swamp Thing article focused on Josh Dysart and his series four run. Dysart wrote issues #9–29. His run featured artists, Enrique Breccia, Richard Corben, John Totleben and Eric Powell, to name a few.
 photo 7674B905-74C4-46A3-B5AD-7797C0875A47.jpg

The table of contents features a detail from the cover of Swamp Thing #11 (series 4) by Enrique Breccia.
 photo 446278F5-196E-4108-8737-04A387E03325.jpg

“You can cuddle up with Swamp Thing writer Josh Dysart to keep you warm at night. Dream of the hot bayou as the magic seeps in and takes you over”.  It sounds like Vampirella is quite fond of Swamp Thing and Dysart.
 photo 94670702-14C4-4359-BFBF-DA1CB5BC9988.jpg

Into the Murk
by Patrick Keller
 photo 48558F5B-1822-43BC-8752-D31CE862F772.jpg

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