Secret of the Swamp Thing

Secret of the Swamp Thing (2005)

This wonderful pocket-sized digest collects Wrightson’s first series run. It features 10 of the greatest Swamp Things stories. As I’m sure you’re well aware, the writing and artwork quickly put Swampy in position to be one of the greatest comic book characters. The book is broken up into chapters, each chapter representing Wrightson’s 10 classic issues.
 photo 633C8208-DFF4-4672-9193-90D8956FC622.jpg

 photo 2F972788-C10B-418F-BFF0-5764B9FBD70B.jpg

 photo 32AAE7F3-6D0F-427F-843B-F8C597E14D00.jpg
Swamp Thing 1 (1972)
Dark Genesis

 photo 7B3115E8-0B14-49CC-8008-8232C9D1F48A.jpg
Swamp Thing 2 (1973)
The Man Who Wanted Forever

 photo 3B2DEAC2-6CC1-4A38-9E5E-D073AA748ED2.jpg
Swamp Thing 3 (1973)
The Patchwork Man

 photo E54A0D87-08CF-4A56-BF48-60F8EBDDE798.jpg
Swamp Thing 4 (1973)
Monster on the Moors

 photo 495C49BB-6A95-4CA1-A1AA-6DC00CC140CC.jpg
Swamp Thing 5 (1973)
The Last of the Ravenwind Witches

 photo 93BB2EF9-C62E-458E-BB29-CD30123CA4C6.jpg
Swamp Thing 6 (1973)
A Clockwork Horror

 photo F443DAF0-B0AA-4F7E-B2A0-C43EFC71259D.jpg
Swamp Thing 7 (1973)
Night of the Bat

 photo 2038E9A9-51D3-4EC1-AA69-E820EFEC96EF.jpg
Swamp Thing 8 (1974)
The lurker in Tunnel 13

 photo D5EA0CD2-1BF6-4C7B-AC96-0E16237FA923.jpg
Swamp Thing 9 (1974)
The Stalker From Beyond

 photo 4F7D442B-5883-439A-9A3A-37D0E8483922.jpg
Swamp Thing 10 (1974)
The Man Who Would Not Die

 photo A5415603-3A65-4FF3-9B10-759B2FDBDED4.jpg

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