Betamax Thing

Swamp Thing in Betamax format (1983)
I don’t have a Beta player, this is the only betamax cassette I own and I couldn’t be happier. A few items arrived in the mail today and this cassette was one of the items I have been waiting for for a while.
 photo 1AC597ED-A7F7-4154-A272-8A5A679BEB1C.jpg
The artwork used on the cassette is similar to the laserdisc and capacitance electronic disc formats.
 photo 3685FBFD-239A-4C74-A698-8D752CB00FC2.jpg

 photo 09BD2246-75D4-413E-8883-8A0842A63E26.jpg

 photo C16B7494-324D-4F9E-AB56-F70F104D7CC4.jpg

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