History of the DC Universe – Book Two

History of the DC Universe – Book Two (1986)
It’s 1986, Earths have merged, Crisis on Infinite Earths has come to a conclusion and Marv Wolfman and George Pérez are attempting to set the record straight. More or less, History of the DCU was a prestige format recap to help readers get caught up to speed, post Crisis. That said, Swamp Thing makes an appearance!
 photo AF6E4DD1-082C-4DFF-B69F-3CD8A962F686.jpg

Swamp Thing puts the “the” in… you know
 photo 63B3B443-463A-47B3-9D65-7C0F298F9776.jpg
 photo B4AEDD88-86EB-4F6F-9BDB-4A5B7C216685.jpg

The book is beautifully illustrated, full of all your favorite DC heroes and a fun recap but unfortunately, this panel is it for our friend Swamp Thing. I wish The book featured more of him but at least he made the cut as well as the cover.
 photo CA0EED4B-79F3-43A1-8BDC-A8D0910F7BE3.jpg

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