Swampy Books – New & Coming Soon

There are some great Swamp Thing related books coming out in the next few months and to help keep track of the new releases I thought I’d share with you my pull list. Below is a reference sheet of the books. I’m going to try to keep the list updated and available on the site. Come to think of it, I may create a separate tab in the menu for the list. Ill keep you posted.

The much anticipated Swamp Thing series 6 by Len Wein and Kelley Jones will be released in January. Leading up to the series 6 launch, there are some other appearances and mentions worth checking out as well. I’ll avoid getting into the details so that I don’t spoil anything.
 photo Swamp Thing coming.jpg

In stores now
Secret Six #7 (series 4) 2015
There’s Something at the Door Darling
I’ve been enjoying the new Secret Six series quite a bit. It’s nice to see Swamp Thing in the mix with the Six. I can’t wait to see how long he sticks around.
 photo Secret 6-7.jpg

Tom Derenick does a great job on Swamp Thing, I really love his design.
 photo Untitled.jpg
 photo huggg.jpg

MAD Magazine Unplugs TV – Special Collector’s Edition (2015)
The book features a small Swamp Thing parody buried within a True Detective parody.
 photo 821C4CAB-4844-4751-BC29-DC28408E93DB.jpg
 photo 07002313-8129-410A-81F8-0EE42B125DB4.jpg

Swamp Thing doin’ the ol crazy finger
 photo 4703FE88-0F2A-42BF-AE55-DB26655BEFA7.jpg

Constantine The Hellblazer #6 (2015)
Get a Job
I’ve been reading the new Constantine series off and on but from what I’ve kept up with, I’ve enjoyed quite a bit. This new issue is pretty great and it features a Swampy reference at the end of the book, referring to next months issue.
 photo EB0AFFDB-927F-4B8E-A421-429E78113142.jpg
 photo 060415EB-B38C-4F87-96D2-AC6DA3A3C4D6.jpg
 photo 2D0B7F4A-AADD-4F47-AB93-59FBCBF68199.jpg

Coming Soon
Secret Six #8 (series 4) 2015
I’m still doing some research on this issue regarding a Swamp Thing reference or appearance but I included it anyway. Since Swampy appears in Secret Six 7 and 9, I assume he is in issue 8. If anyone knows any further information, I’d love to hear it.
in stores November
 photo Secret 6-8.jpg

DC Bombshells #5 2015
Swamp Thing supposedly attacks Supergirl and Stargirl in this issue. I’m interested to see how this scenario plays out.
in stores November
 photo DCBOMBS_Cv5.jpghttps://rootsoftheswampthing.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=4140&action=edit

Secret Six #8 (series 4) 2015
DCComics.com reports that Swamp Thing makes a guest appearance in this issue that takes place in “a creepy New England town”. The Six take on “one very nasty creature”. I really hope M’nagalah is the nasty creature featured on the cover of this issue. Swamp Thing has encountered M’nagalah in Swamp Thing #8 The Lurker in Tunnel 13 (Series 1) 1974 as well as a couple Challengers of The Unknown issues from 1977 (ref. 1, 2)
in stores December
 photo 9.jpg

Constantine The Hellblazer #7 (2015)
Swamp Thing and Constantine team-up once again, reluctantly. I find Riley Rossmo’s Swamp Thing design intriguing. I’m excited to see what he does with Swampy in New York City.
in stores December
 photo 7.jpg

Swamp Thing #1 (series 6) 2016
Jones and Wein are hard at work on Swampy again! The two worked on Swamp Thing’s Convergence series and Yanick Paquette, who created beautiful work for series 5, returns to illustrate variant covers. One thing we know for sure is that the artwork is going to be great! I’m  surprised at how quickly they are re-launching a Swamp Thing series. After poor earnings and readership numbers, I’m wondering what DC has up their sleeve to bring readers back to the character. I certainly know plenty of Swamp Thing fans who will be waiting in line every Wednesday for new Swampy issues and I hope Wein and Jones can pull in even more readers than before. I think the departure from the new 52 story line will be a big help for older fans of the character.
in stores January
 photo STK694064.jpg

Swamp Thing #1 – Yanick Paquette variant cover (series 6) 2016
1:25, cover subject to change
 photo 11148594_10153751169682244_308083158189614482_n.jpg

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