Swamp Thing by Specimen Illustrations

I recently recieved another collection favorite!
Jenn Joslin is the talent and brains behind Specimen Illustrations and this beautiful Swamp Thing illustration. Her talent and passion for research is very impressive.

“Everything in this piece is based on research I did of the biology and ecology of swamps and all of the flora and fauna that thrive in swamp environments.”

I could talk about my love for this piece and all of the fun details it holds but I recommend popping over to Specimen Illustrations to read the process notes. Joslin takes you through the piece in numerous steps throughout the process of creating the work. She even includes a list of the plant and animal species used in the drawing.
Be sure to contact her or visit Bottle Neck Gallery to purchase a print. The edition is limited to 50 and they’re going quick.
 photo C2671FFD-99C4-4F85-8CDD-331E1CFF5C1A.jpg
 photo 81BF6CCB-A775-4972-93ED-FEC797170894.jpg

 photo AF49417E-3D0B-4987-A8F9-F3282319324A.jpg
 photo 74FD8FBB-6B78-4FA3-8FAF-15A9DB015501.jpg

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