Darker Genesis and Josh, my book guy

Swamp Thing TPB (2015)
Darker Genesis
 photo 176D28B8-463F-4A38-B096-6A81E4C09B0B.jpg
The trade that collects Swamp Thing 151-160 (series 2) is now available in stores! I picked my copy up this evening and am very excited to revisit the run. the book features the work of Mark Millar, Phil Hester, Kim DeMulder, Chris Weston, Jill Thompson and Phil Jimenez.

Swampy in a jug by Phil Hester
 photo B788B109-4C09-4F8A-8C3A-6CCE8479C856.jpg

Nap Thing by Phil Jimenez
 photo EBF941DD-299A-47DC-956F-387F844A47E5.jpg
Along with posting about Darker Genesis, I wanted to take the time to thank my German book guy, Josh.

Josh, my book guy
 photo C36E04F5-7C38-422A-BFBF-389076FE8F9A.jpg
My collection of Swamp Thing books and collectibles makes shopping at my local comic shop a little difficult. I don’t have many holes to fill and the books that I’ve been searching for feature obscure Swamp Thing sightings, articles, mentions or are non-US editions. Non-US editions and fanzines have become favorites of my collection due to the interesting cover variations and the great amateur artwork. They’ve also proved difficult to track down but I’ve had a lot of good luck with the help of one amazing book hound in particular, comic book collector and seller, Josh. Josh has over twenty years under his belt as a comics fan and collector. His father owned a shop when he was a kid, contributing greatly to his knowledge and love for comics. If you’re in search of foreign variants and key US issues, Josh is the fellow to speak to. As if you can’t tell already, I’m grateful for his skills to find amazing books. The image above is just a sample of the books he has to offer. Check out his ebay store and send him a message with a list of the books you are seeking.

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