Who’s Who 22

Who’s Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe 22 (1986)
John Byrne penciled and inked this cool wrap around cover featuring a scraggly Swamp Thing, front and center. This issue of Who’s Who covers everyone from Starfire I to Syonide. Superman looks pleased and proud, everyone else looks like they’re concerned and scrambling for some reason.
 photo A2928E14-E57F-4E88-809D-6A36032A2C90.jpg

 photo C1EE5830-E849-4033-90AE-BB02C1C0D922.jpg

Bissette and Totleben’s artwork highlights Swampy’s bio and write-up.

 photo E06F440B-EC97-4C1E-96D2-83EF4EA1AA06.jpg

below: very cool time-lapse illustration and Swamp Thing wearing/throwing a werewolf on his head.

 photo DD9DF436-B609-4831-A2F1-0553CB9AA3BC.jpg

 photo 2348474A-E8BE-46A3-A54B-D1FC407CE265.jpg

Far be it from me to argue with the researchers and writers of the Who’s Who series but some of the bio info and stats are a bit off. Yet, they do tend to vary based on writer and situation.

 photo EFFBB3CF-C1A4-45F3-977D-1D14FABD3B76.jpg

The bio mentions Swamp Thing’s scent and juice abilities, but fails to mention that bringing up Swampy’s scent and juice abilities in front of him is not recommended
 photo 4CE4F467-EA4E-4EED-BCF9-41DCD50A135A.jpg

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