Batman 280

Batman #280 (1976)
The Only Crime in Town
 photo F3D1C5A7-D983-47E9-A793-7A6729F74ED1.jpg
 photo F4D750A4-162F-45E3-AA2A-B27EC86B8443.jpg

Like many comics that came out around this time, this issue features an ad for The Amazing World of DC Comics.
 photo 39BBE4AA-7D40-4670-BD07-6A2CF99720AD.jpg
Within all of those ads is a little Swamp Thing
 photo 5217406C-4993-4838-A21D-6D64FFA5BF76.jpg
Not only does this issue feature an ad incorporating an extremely small Swamp Thing, it has a familiar looking explosion.

an explosion, ripped from the pages of Batman 280
 photo 42A4108C-DA4E-420C-A408-18EA5D3CFE52.jpg

a similar explosion from Swamp Thing 1 (series 1)
 photo 4FADCFAA-B917-4D57-8E66-F4A301270711.jpg

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