Comics Scene 8

Comics Scene #8 (1989)
 photo 4EC8A658-DCBC-4A1F-AA6F-FFB8010054A5.jpg
This weekend was filled with fun Swamp Thing research. After spending a good bit of  time at my local comic shop with comics guru John Nordstrom, I came away with a stack of magazines and some great books. Comics Scene 8 features this goofy stip parodying Swampy as well as an ad and a mention in the movie/tv previews.
 photo 9491F09D-5721-4547-88EB-D62492B5D704.jpg
Comics Scene 6 and 7 feature articles relating to Return of the Swamp Thing feature film but until now, I wasn’t aware of the Swampy fun in issue 8. I’m sure glad I did some digging.

Here are the other Swampy items from the book.
A Comics Scene ad for issue #7 featuring Swampy on the cover.
 photo DFCFB649-7B01-4BD7-B58B-860EA12CE987.jpg

Movie/TV preview news:
 photo 7B472FDA-9392-4BA7-9E00-27F9EE77C529.jpg

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