2015 Winter Comic Connect Auction Catalog

The 2015 Winter Comic Connect Auction Catalog features Swamp Thing!
Wrightson’s classic splash page is up for auction and one lucky Swamp Thing fan (or just a wealthy individual with a taste for comics) will eventually get their hands on it. I can’t wait to see how much this beautiful piece of art goes for.
 photo A6B66996-E342-4AC9-AA2C-9E48FF78B165.jpg
 photo CECE7B77-9196-44F5-BBD3-400BDCB0B2AE.jpg
 photo FE294EE3-187C-4170-956D-4003EFF05479.jpg
Swamp Thing was indeed imagined by Len Wein, on a subway, while riding through Queens. It’s funny to think that the muck-encrusted mockery of a man -born from the swamp and earth, bio-restorative chemicals and fire- was conceived in a subway car within one of the most bustling, populated cities in the world. You’d think he would have been thought up by some sort of Thoreau-like writer who had spent years, living in some southern bayou.
 photo 003B85EC-45E4-4F6C-B358-15CB49177D5F.jpg
 photo 8E14D969-616C-4BE9-B21A-2F0FC19EF120.jpg
Many great books are up for auction, along with the Swampy page. The catalog also lists some of the more well known, classic, rare books that will be up for auction this winter.
 photo C390AFE7-4FDB-44E8-B382-F6FC702A0A20.jpg
 photo 71CB4347-4693-4E9F-B09C-8AF626637A70.jpg
 photo 608935ED-D6D6-46F9-85B3-6C8436D9F257.jpg
 photo C68E15BB-1036-44B4-9050-6EA7E8F8AACE.jpg

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