Comics Buyer’s Guide

Comics Buyer’s Guide #712 July, 10 1987

My local comic shop wiz and Swampy friend, John set aside a large box of Comics Buyer’s Guides for me to go through for Swamp Thing research and I found the most amazing Swamp Thing related articles, illustrations, ads and comic strips. I reviewed over 5 years of newspapers in three hours and am so excited to share my findings with you. It’ll take some time to thoroughly read through all of the CBGs I acquired but I’ll keep you posted as I do. This issue grabbed my attention first with the Rick Veitch interview, A talk with Swamp Thing’s new writer. 
 photo C3D3F50F-E4D9-412B-82EF-BEFB3209E239.jpg
 photo B71F8085-C25B-4982-87EA-03FFA12337AA.jpg

Like all CBG newspapers, this post has quite a bit of of content. I’ve included numerous questions and answers regarding Veitch’s prep and process for taking over the muck-encrusted reigns after Moore’s departure.
 photo BE667271-8761-4E8D-AC68-AF8E74764AC2.jpg

Eisner Award winning writer, Mark Waid spoke with Veitch. Around this time, in ’87, Waid was hired as a DC editor.
 photo 80E01E0C-04A8-4398-AFF7-9CAF7019C7CB.jpg

I enjoy Veitch’s run considerably. It goes off the rails in places but over all, it’s extremely entertaining. Arguably, Veitch’s Swamp Thing run is his most notable work. For better or for worse, he is known for being dropped from the title due to his Swamp Thing/Christ storyline. I’ll get into all of that at a later time, when I get to the end of his run (I’m currently re-reading Swampy’s chronology and posting about the books as I finish them. I’m currently on issue 11 of series 2. It’s proved to be a bit time consuming but well worth the refresher. There’s always little details I’ve forgotten/overlooked. Ok, time to hop out of these unwarranted parentheses and back into this article…).
 photo CFFA117D-FEFB-44A9-867B-3D015ABCF68F.jpg
I love this bit about the “Swamp Thing style of writing”
 photo CA3A2E1C-8955-49B4-92EA-4D4CE6C33DB0.jpg
 photo 751954C8-D7C0-4624-BD60-659615F325D7.jpg
 photo 324DA85C-EF10-491C-9C60-F209BAC7725E.jpg
Fellow Swamp fans, Joe and Zac were chatting about Veitch and Moore’s roles on the Swamp Thing Annual #3 not too long ago. I was very excited to come across this explanation to gain some insight.

It’s interesting to read how Moore handled the handoff of the title.
 photo A39EE602-56F5-418A-92A2-1592450F443C.jpg

Veitch discusses his plans to incorporate John Constantine.
 photo 90BD2794-6064-45E5-BC11-065A65C9F817.jpg

This absolutely made my day; a little Chester Williams reference.
 photo EB3CE260-40AB-42D3-ADF3-ABAF42077925.jpg
Chester holds a special place in my heart and is one of my favorite Swamp Thing characters.

Veitch’s 2+ year plan panned out, working on Swampy from 1987 to 1989, on issue 65 to 87, before Doug Wheeler jumped in to take his place.
 photo FAC5DBA8-7063-4170-B9A1-361D05EA5BB1.jpg

Along with the great Swamp Thing related article, this CBG issue features a couple Swampy ads.
 photo 0E2E81CE-DE8A-4F69-958B-4414EA61623B.jpg

Swampy is puzzled as to why subscribers and advertisers are constantly delaying. Quit delaying.
 photo 47BF541E-A6DC-4ECA-A977-4C0DBBA09C5E.jpg

Comic Strips:
There are so many great strips by pros as well as amateurs throughout CBG papers. There are funny ones, many not-so-funny ones, but what I love most is the fan-submitted comic strips. The amateur quality and crude styles are great. You will never see another fan-drawn Swampy the same way and that’s what I get excited about while scouring through CBG back issues. I’m always on the look out for the oddball, parody Swampy strips. Unfortunately, this particular issue does not have a Swampy strip but does have a fun Batman/Opus one by cartoonist Eric Hess.
 photo B568FCDB-5D24-465D-92B6-9B07DBCA8CCF.jpg

Letters pages:
Bryan Reeves of Missouri is trying to track down info regarding his father’s old Superman tie. The artwork would make a great shirt.
 photo 6B87B549-A76A-4796-B230-DD4C12D84360.jpg

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