DC Sampler 1

DC Sampler #1 (1983)
Features previews and artwork from the best. I posted the second and third Sampler a few months back and this is the first book of the three. It features a small, star-filled Swamp Thing.
Ed Hannigan & Dick Giordano created the wraparound cover.

CF039958-A3BC-4548-8D1B-6AB17894D8BA (1).JPG
the All-Star would have an easier time beating back their foes if…

Superman would quit listening to his Walkman while napping

Swamp Thing makes a small appearance in a DC Comics Presents ad.

Santa and Swampy have the smallest stars; hardly seems fair for two famous guys.

This Amethyst preview features some fun trees.

Imagine if the Parliament of Trees was as goofy as this woodsy group. Nothing would ever get done.

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