DC Sampler 1

DC Sampler #1 (1983)
Features previews and artwork from the best. I posted the second and third Sampler a few months back and this is the first book of the three. It features a small, star-filled Swamp Thing.
 photo 54603A53-0DD3-4B83-AC1E-944FE82D674F.jpg
Ed Hannigan & Dick Giordano created the wraparound cover.
 photo 12C61C10-9FF6-4869-82E2-B1837C60F931.jpg

 photo CF039958-A3BC-4548-8D1B-6AB17894D8BA.jpg
the All-Star would have an easier time beating back their foes if…

 photo 8E0167C4-6FBB-4BE2-9FA0-A497ABA2D81E.jpg
Superman would quit listening to his Walkman while napping

 photo 24658768-13DA-4CB9-B942-39CF26439155.jpg
Swamp Thing makes a small appearance in a DC Comics Presents ad.

 photo 800AF5FA-B832-4C83-B51B-594DC556288B.jpg
Santa and Swampy have the smallest stars; hardly seems fair for two famous guys.

 photo DFD048C2-3601-4DBA-BAB8-F87EEA969B18.jpg
This Amethyst preview features some fun trees.

Imagine if the Parliament of Trees was as goofy as this woodsy group. Nothing would ever get done.
 photo 6C83BAAE-0709-4DD6-85EF-404BFBAA7B0D.jpg


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