Indonesian trading cards 1

Swamp Thing 1 (series 1) Indonesian trading cards

Another sheet of pure, uncut Indonesian trading cards arrived, just in time for Christmas. I’ve finally found the time to translate the cards and I’ve been itching to do so ever since they arrived. This sheet tells the story of Dark Genesis from Swamp Thing #1 (1972). I was so excite to, A) find another sheet of Indonesian cards, and B) that they are directly related to the comic series, unlike the first sheet I obtained which I believe was tied to the live action TV series. I have not been able to find a whole lot of information regarding the origin of the cards but I was told that an Indonesian artist created the artwork. This new sheet provided an exciting, new piece to the puzzle though; the press. The logo of the press that printed both trading card sheets can be found on cards #1 and #28. Gunung Kelud, an Indonesian based press, specializes in offset printing, packaging and screen printing. They claim to be “the pioneer in printing and packaging business in Indonesia”. I contacted them last weekend to try and find out when the sheets were printed but I have yet to receive a response. I’m guessing the sheets were printed in the early/mid ’90s but I will keep you posted. A volcano is depicted within their logo. The press is named after the volcano sharing the same name. The volcano is quite impressive and worth reading about. “More than 30 eruptions have occurred since 1000 AD.”

As I’ve mentioned numerous times in previous posts, I love fan/amateur art. For as crude and rough as the drawings can be, they are equally beautiful. The passion and effort that goes into them is terrific. Whenever I see a piece involving Swamp Thing, I feel the need to track it down. This sheet isn’t exactly fan-art but it is quite crude in spots, especially how Swamp Thing is drawn. To celebrate this style, I’ve decided to pair Wrightson’s original artwork with the cards so you can see what the unknown, Indonesian artist was influenced by when creating the cards.
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This sheet, like the other, is in great shape and the colors are quite vivid.
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The Story
Swamp Thing #1 (series 1) 1972
Dark Genesis
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The Cards
Card 1
<<Beginning of Human Sludge>>
Swamp Thing
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Comic Buyer’s Guide 722

Comic Buyer’s Guide #722 September 18, 1987
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This issue of CBG features one of my favorite parody strips of Swamp Thing. There should be some sort of National Grow Your Own Swamp Thing Day… right?
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Comic Buyer’s Guide 725

Comic Buyer’s Guide #725 October 9, 1987
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I scoured through many issues of CBG earlier this month to find any evidence of Swamp Thing. I found some great articles and ads but what got me most excited were the comic strips featuring Swampy. This issue featured another great one…
 photo CEF32086-D961-417E-AC65-7598F0354C1A.jpg

Hawkman: terrifyingly helpful
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This full-page Green Arrow ad is terrific. There’s usually a few ads in each CBG that I want to frame and hang on my wall.
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Comics Buyer’s Guide 713

Comics Buyer’s Guide #713 July 17, 1987
Another issue of Comics Buyer’s Guide featuring a Swamp Thing parody strip as well as an incentive based ad for Swampy subscribers and CBG advertisers.

The Swampy strip is illustrated by Don Don Martinec. I couldn’t find much info on Don and I love his cartoony take on Swamp Thing.

The illustration accompanies an article announcing Bob Rozakis’ promotion. He sure is a busy man.
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Comics Buyer’s Guide 687

Comics Buyer’s Guide #687 January 16, 1987
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I’ve mentioned before that I am slowly but surely getting through a mountain of Comics Buyer’s Guides and here’s another one. There are numerous reasons why I enjoy reading CBGs. News, article, cool ads, comic strips, reviews; it’s all here. This issue contains a fun parody strip as well as an ad featuring Swamp Thing.
 photo 89A33763-72A1-4313-93EE-DCF873991C88.jpg

 photo C5005B6D-E8B5-4C70-9AC3-FFEEA0988A39.jpg
Numerous CBGs published In 1987 feature this Swamp Thing ad. The ad works as an incentive for consumers as well as advertisers. It’s a pretty neat idea, I wonder how it worked out for participants. Swamp Thing 21 is a classic issue and certainly worth the subscription nowadays.
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Fangoria 17

Fangoria #17 November 1981
features On The Set of Swamp Thing, part 3 of 3. Part 1 can be found in Fangoria 15, part 2 can be found in issue 16.
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Unfortunately, part 3 of the series doesn’t have much of a focus on Swamp Thing . The subtitle “also: dinner with a Playmate” references the brief, immature and sexist intro pertaining to model, Karen Price. I’ll spare you of the details.
 photo 3A0CD3C5-7BFD-4F72-95E3-57D598BC1C58.jpg

since the on-set interview with Craven was shared by a group of journalists, more thorough accounts of the interview can be found in Cinefantastique volume 11 number 4, Cinefantastique volume 12 number 4Famous Monsters 183, The Twilight Zone Magazine 11 and a few other movie/sci-fi related magazines published around the same time. Below are some of the details. Continue reading “Fangoria 17”

Graham Crackers Spring Newsletter

Graham Crackers Comic Books Spring Newsletter
April-June 2014
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Graham Crackers owns a chain of comic shops in the Chicago area. I was thrilled to see that they featured Swamp Thing on their 2014 Spring newsletter. I wasn’t aware of this Swampy sighting until a couple months ago and am glad I was able to get a copy. Continue reading “Graham Crackers Spring Newsletter”