Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure

Swamp Thing Pop!
My three Swamp Thing Pop! figures finally arrived from Australia today. The figures have been available in Australia for a little while now but not yet in the States. U.S. pre-sales are scheduled to ship in March/April but I’ve heard otherwise, possibly available in stores as soon as January.
The figures are avaible in three styles; glow in the dark, regular and flocked.
These are my first Pop! figures as well as the first time I’ve seen a Pop! figure, up close and in person. I’m surprised by the lack of articulation and am a little disappointed by the glow in the dark figure. It hardly glows in the dark. Overall, I am very pleased with the design and look of the figures.
Of the three figures, the flocked is my favorite. The figure’s soft texture compliments how cute it is.
I’ve been really excited to hear and see how excited other Swamp Thing fans are about these figures. It’s been a long time coming and I think folks are going to be very pleased to add these great figures to their collections. Here are some more images of the great packaging.

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