Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure

Swamp Thing Pop!
My three Swamp Thing Pop! figures finally arrived from Australia today. The figures have been available in Australia for a little while now but not yet in the States. U.S. pre-sales are scheduled to ship in March/April but I’ve heard otherwise, possibly available in stores as soon as January.
 photo 1C270508-8140-4841-83F5-CC9D6EF0D5BC.jpg
The figures are avaible in three styles; glow in the dark, regular and flocked.
 photo 99B7FC9C-E39F-4FC9-816E-E3B9BEE4316B.jpg
These are my first Pop! figures as well as the first time I’ve seen a Pop! figure, up close and in person. I’m surprised by the lack of articulation and am a little disappointed by the glow in the dark figure. It hardly glows in the dark. Overall, I am very pleased with the design and look of the figures.
 photo F78B5C12-1B8E-49FE-BBD8-7EDF9E19D502.jpg
Of the three figures, the flocked is my favorite. The figure’s soft texture compliments how cute it is.
 photo C82C4A58-1496-4B77-92C1-929AC00D8072.jpg
I’ve been really excited to hear and see how excited other Swamp Thing fans are about these figures. It’s been a long time coming and I think folks are going to be very pleased to add these great figures to their collections. Here are some more images of the great packaging.
 photo 305936FA-DB5D-433C-B90F-859C14E40E4E.jpg
 photo FA72B3F7-1850-4BA8-8836-AFED09C94ADF.jpg
 photo 31FC4359-629A-49BC-B67F-6739EA374903.jpg
 photo 4F8B865A-4000-4378-BA52-8C3194CB82A6.jpg


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