Superman Taschenbuch

My bookhound Josh found a whole bunch of awesome non-US editions and they arrived this week. There were 18 books in all. Along with the mountain of Comic Buyer’s Guides I picked up at my local comic shop last week, I have plenty to post and write about for the month of December. I’m extremely excited about these great books and here’s the first one.

Superman Taschenbuch #20 (1979)
This pocket-sized, German edition translates to “Superman Paperback”. The book features five DC stories including DC Comics Presents #8. #8 is so great it made the cover.
 photo ED21CA0A-B6C0-428A-BB9B-1693EE224A79.jpg

For info and pics of the original release of DC Comics Presents #8 can be found here, on a past post.

 photo 4C7D2057-DAEE-4D36-B9CB-233C151FE7D1.jpg

World’s Finest Comics #212 (1972)
And So My World Begins!
I believe this German edition’s title translates to, “For A New, Better World”
 photo 0AB3E1F4-211E-40E4-ABDC-419A8572EAAE.jpg

World’s Finest Comics #256 (1979)
The Werewolf of Krypton!
 photo 023BF775-F46F-42AB-A5E4-7DD848F50665.jpg

Superboy #194 (1973)
The Super-Merman of the Sea <<Semi-Super Half-Fish>>

 photo 8E5BB091-A09D-43CE-BA86-01CD16463426.jpg

Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes #246 (1978)
Will the Last One to Leave Mercury Please Close the Planet? <<Glowing Inferno>>
 photo B1C6765B-FF0D-40D3-B4C9-B9CD4E8EC892.jpg

Stay tuned, More non-US editions and Comic Buyer’s Guides to come!


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