Topp Serien 1

Topp- Serien #1 (1977)
The title translates to Top Series and this Swedish edition collects three stories from Swamp Thing, Howard the Duck and Kamandi.

This could be the most ridiculous re-appropriation of a Swamp Thing illustration I have ever seen. Based on this edition’s artwork, you’d think Swamp Thing was known as the friendly neighbor behind the fence.

I’m assuming, in Sweden, Howard the Duck goes by the name Charlie Anka.
Howard The Duck #1 (1976)
Howard The Barbarian <<A Mission for Charlie>>

Frank Brunner and Steve Leialoha are quite amazing.
1C247CEA-4EBC-42D3-91B5-2AFE9A14C16F (1).JPG

Kamandi #11 (1973)
The Devil <<Devil!>>
0E1ADCB0-1E31-49A7-AD33-6C026D4AD183 (1).JPG

Swamp Thing #12 (1974)
The Eternity Man <<Gemstone!>>

One of the greatest parts of tracking down these non-US editions is seeing the black and white reprints of the beautiful artwork. I love Redondo’s black and white reprints.

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