Topp Serien 1

Topp- Serien #1 (1977)
The title translates to Top Series and this Swedish edition collects three stories from Swamp Thing, Howard the Duck and Kamandi.
 photo 6419785E-004D-4657-B076-B5468DBC1279.jpg

This could be the most ridiculous re-appropriation of a Swamp Thing illustration I have ever seen. Based on this edition’s artwork, you’d think Swamp Thing was known as the friendly neighbor behind the fence.
 photo 1462CFD4-4B29-41A4-A3BD-93639893945C.jpg

I’m assuming, in Sweden, Howard the Duck goes by the name Charlie Anka.
Howard The Duck #1 (1976)
Howard The Barbarian <<A Mission for Charlie>>

Frank Brunner and Steve Leialoha are quite amazing.
 photo 1C247CEA-4EBC-42D3-91B5-2AFE9A14C16F.jpg

Kamandi #11 (1973)
The Devil <<Devil!>>
 photo 0E1ADCB0-1E31-49A7-AD33-6C026D4AD183.jpg

Swamp Thing #12 (1974)
The Eternity Man <<Gemstone!>>
 photo 897E387E-7196-446D-9234-7019A7A8DCC0.jpg

One of the greatest parts of tracking down these non-US editions is seeing the black and white reprints of the beautiful artwork. I love Redondo’s black and white reprints.
 photo 3265B158-5B54-47C6-9B3A-CA2E243AF916.jpg


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