Edição Extra de Quadrinhos – Brazil

 photo B56AC23D-842E-4B4E-83C1-3ECF4978F1BE.jpg

Edição Extra de Quadrinhos
O Monsto do Pântano (1982)
 photo 2C59251B-5F31-483A-B4DE-6CC5856271C7.jpg
This wonderful Brazilian edition reprints Swamp Thing 21 and 22 of the first series. The book is printed on a natural, matte paper and is in great shape. It’s another non-US edition that bookhound, friend Josh tracked down for me.

Swamp Thing 21 Requiem (1975)
 photo 84BFE9ED-825D-4220-A727-C7CE9D5A47FB.jpg

Swamp Thing 22 The Solomon Plague (1976)
 photo 5C6187BB-42EC-4906-9BD6-95361C6AF964.jpg

An explosion that sweeps up the mess… and a terrible joke
 photo 92B27B43-A3AC-419E-B578-113D0373EAFB.jpg

I’ve always enjoyed Swamp Thing’s goodbyes. There are a number of stories that end with him trudging off into the Swampy sunset, alone. This last panel always reminds me of the final panel of Swampy’s story in House of Secrets 92. To pay homage…
 photo 70779C3A-33B4-4C57-803C-8855AAFA5B0A.jpg

I Changed the text. I laughed far too much while putting it together. I’d love to see this on a shirt.
 photo B56AC23D-842E-4B4E-83C1-3ECF4978F1BE.jpg


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