Super-Homem e Monstro do Pântano

Super-Homem e Monstro do Pântano #1 (2002)
This Brazilian edition features a re-colored DC Comics Presents #85 “The Jungle Line” (1985) as well as an original cover by the amazingly talented Renato Guedes.
 photo B1BA8375-0BA3-4240-9F9B-7023D9549ECF.jpg
I’ll write more about “The Jungle Line” when I get to it, as I re-read Swampy’s chronology as planned. But I will say, I love how this story depicts Swamp Thing’s willingness to do good and how much he cares for others. It’s quite heartwarming and is another reason why he is such a great character.
 photo 05B5EAC9-541D-4EF5-8445-90F5BF7F4B32.jpg

Pictured below: a young Guedes, kicking butt on another cover.
 photo 0FAD284D-9DF7-4BA9-800C-D3AC7393F294.jpg


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