Superamigos #36 (1988)

Superamigos #36 (1988)

This Brazilian edition features two stories.
Saga of the Swamp Thing #35
The Nuke-face Papers
 photo 5D1DF069-0646-4E56-A239-E0AC8A488883.jpg

 photo EEAB850B-13AC-45B3-AA80-DD7CFBDE5D0D.jpg
The corrosive, deadly Nuke-face is in search of his stash
 photo A5959E03-10D5-4E40-BF22-F4B621B32157.jpg

I love this terrifying series of panels. Swamp Thing, reduced to “plup”
 photo 8F6DE9AE-D98A-4B5F-9035-F9CEA831C1AE.jpg

Green Lantern Corps #202 (1986)
 photo 741FD428-1A64-490D-8987-D52B8DA3A168.jpg


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