Superamigos 34

Superamigos #34 (1988)
Ritual da Primavera
An awesome, pocket-sized, Brazilian edition that reprints Swamp Thing #34 Rite of Spring (series 2)
Psychotropic tubers are ingested and many kisses are exchanged.
67B4A384-10AC-48D1-9B51-B088CF2CB70A (1).JPG

I love this panel of Abby and Swampy embracing. The image has been reprinted numerous times and used merchandise, like this shirt from the Return of a Swamp Thing motion picture.

The book’s second story of three is Green Lantern Corps #201 Setting Up Shop (1986), which features Dr. U’bx/Truk/Polestar/Malignon’s first appearance. Who knew a marmot was capable of so much? 

Aquaman #2 (1986)
Mortal Combat for the Future of Atlantis & the World!

issue two of volume two which features Aquaman’s short lived costume change.

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