Indonesian trading cards – #2

A couple weeks ago, Ahmad, my favorite Swamp Thing hunter in Indonesia (…the only person I know in Indonesia) contacted me regarding some uncut Swamp Thing trading cards he found. I, of course, was interested and Ahmad shipped them over. They arrived in the mail today and I am extremely excited to share them with you. They may be my new favorite item in my collection and there are more on the way!
With the help of Ahmad, and good ol’ Google translate, I tried my best to translate the sheet. Based on my results, I’m assuming some things were lost in translation but I think I got the gist of it. The narrative doesn’t seem to fit within any Swamp Thing comic book story line but with the inclusion of the character Jim, it leads me to believe that the cards are influenced by the television show. In the show, Jim is abducted and sold into indentured servitude somewhere in South America. Pretty dark and not completely thorough in their explanation, the show basically sweeps the Jim character under the rug. This card set has a much happier ending.

The Cast:
Thub – Henchman
Jim – Kidnapped boy
Simon – Villain
Jane – Jim’s Mother
Jevry – Good Guy
Swamp Thing – duh

Manusia Rawa #2

Thub: “Jim! Come with me”
Jim: “hah!!”
Caption: Simon asks Thub to kidnap Jim

Thub: “Simon wants me to kidnap you”
BDDD9FC7-CA58-4FB5-A2CD-CDD79A79B18B (1)
Caption: Jim is forced to go

Jim: “Release me!”
Thub: “shut up!”
Caption: Jim is taken away in an automobile

Jane: “doggone, Jim’s being taken away”
Caption: Jane is in time to look out the window

Swamp Thing: “Jane”
Jane: “Simon abducted Jim”
Caption: Jane meets Swamp Thing

Thub: “this”
Simon: “bastard kid”
Caption: Thub hands Jim over to Simon

Jim: “Release me!!”
Simon: “Silence!”
Caption: Jim inside his prison cage

Jane: “Jim was abducted by Simon”
Jevry: “god damn it”
Caption: Jane asks Jevry for help

Jevry: “be careful”
Caption: Heading to Simon’s place

Jane: “quiet”
Caption: Lurking from a distance

Jim: They will come and help me
Caption: Simon’s guard, watching Jim

Jevry: “don’t move!”
Caption: Jevry threatens the guard

Thub: “I don’t give a fuck”
Jevry: “terrible”
Caption: the guard draws his knife

Caption: Jevry avoids the blow

Caption: Jevry’s punch hits the guard’s chin

Jevry: “don’t run!”
Caption: the guard attempts to escape

Caption: Swamp Thing blocks the guard’s escape

Thug: HAH!
Caption: Guard surprised to see Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing: “go get Jim”
Thub: “ok”
Caption: Swamp Thing forces the guard to admit defeat

Jim: “Thank you”
Swamp Thing: “be careful Jim”
Caption: Jim relieved he’s free

Swamp Thing: “be careful, watch yourself Jim”
Caption: Swamp Thing gives his farewell

Simon: “I will kill you”
Caption: Simon stalking from afar

Jevry: danger
Simon: This time there is no forgiveness
F421A1F2-CDC7-4FEB-A7D2-7A4E5B531692 (1).JPG
Caption: Jevry ready to ambush Simon

Simon: “ahk”
Caption: Simon hit from behind

Simon: “apparently you’re tired of life”
Caption: Simon threatens Jevry’s life

DB460DA6-DAB2-4389-9520-D8FDF1C69AF7 (1).JPG
Caption: Swamp Thing notices from afar

Caption: Jevry punches Simon from behind

Simon: “please”
Caption: Simon falls back, into the swamp

Swamp Thing: “Thank you Jevry”
Caption: Swamp Thing encounters Jevry

Swamp Thing: “where is Jim?”
Jevry: “I’ll call him”
Caption: Swamp Thing asks for Jim

Swamp Thing: “be careful of Simon’s guards”
Caption: Jevry calls for Jim

Swamp Thing: “guard over Jim”
Caption: Swamp Thing wants Jevry to protect Jim

Jim: “Swamp Thing”
Swamp Thing: “be careful, Simon’s evil guards”
Caption: Swamp Thing glad to see Jim

Swamp Thing: “see you later”
AD64B09B-C025-4EE9-89B1-D00D6A2B9280 (1).JPG
Caption: Swamp Thing leaves back into the swamp

Jevry: “everything’s going to be ok”
Caption: Jim, Jevry and Jane return home

The back of the card sheet features road signage and diagrams, paired with their meanings. Some sort of educational tool I suppose.

2 thoughts on “Indonesian trading cards – #2

  1. AWESOME!!!! I got some of this type of cards toyday, no Swamp thing, but other comic book characters. I’ve been googling for a while now, and your page is the first I found this type on, with the road signs on the back.


    Liked by 1 person

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