Comikaze 24

Comikaze #24 (2014)
Another issue of the Mexican comic magazine, Comikaze arrived last week. I was eager to pick this book up because of the great Swamp Thing illustration on the cover as well as an article about the history of Vertigo comics.

Julian Van Bores created this awesome take on Swampy. The design would be fun to see animated.

I was excited to find this article about Trillium; the eight issue series by Jeff Lemire. I enjoyed the series quite a bit and am working on translating the article.

I’ll eventually get around to translating the rest of the Vertigo article but went straight for the Swampy focused bit, first. My translation (as rough as it may be) is below.

When the Vertigo title line-up was at its lowest moment of the series. Nancy A Collins had been the writer in charge for a couple of years and had removed all traces of the changes in character and mythology that Alan Moore had established. A few years later they appeared under the stamp collections with the work of Moore and his successor, Rick Veitch, which is regarded as the real beginning of Vertigo. Mix with some existentialist themes of horror and dark fantasy that used both authors, set the tone for what would define Vertigo.

The wonderful folks at Vertigo Comics of Mexico always include cool stickers, postcards and sometimes trading cards. This issue came with this great Neil Gaiman sticker by Gorka Olachea.

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