Comic Shop News Spring 2015

I enjoy finding ephemera like this. The older, more obscure and low-budget, the better. Sometimes they include fan art, Swampy illustrations by artists who typically don’t work on Swampy and/or crude comic strips you won’t find anywhere else. Yah, this magazine isn’t old, rare or filled with all of those things BUT it does feature a Fred Hembeck illustration of Swamp Thing that you won’t likely see printed anywhere else.

This issue features a lengthy list of the upcoming (now come and gone) Convergence books.
Swamp Thing appears in numerous Convergence books. The majority of the appearances are extremely tiny but I believe I found each one.

Here are a few of the appearances, collaged together. If you’d like to find all of the Swampy Convergence appearances, I have them listed on my ST books page. A simple page search of “convergence” will do the trick.

6 thoughts on “Comic Shop News Spring 2015

  1. I’m also doing a chronological read through of my collection. I’ll compare it to your list as I go and let you know if I find an appearance that you missed. If that’s okay, I mean.

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  2. Absolutely, Mark. I always love finding appearances that I’ve missed. Having another set of eyes would be very helpful. I’m hoping to one day archive my list in printed form. I am currently in the process of structuring an international Swamp Thing fanzine. I have folks onboard from, Brazil, Germany, Australia, UK, Mexico and the States so far. I’d love for you to write something or contribute art (if that’s more your thing), if you’d like.


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