Australian Swamp Thing Film Poster

Swamp Thing Australian Film Poster (1982)
by Robert Burton Printers
13″ x 28″, Folded

Robert Burton Printers printed Australian movie posters from the late 1950s until the mid ’80s. Their posters are very attractive, containing quality attributes that make their printed pieces sought after by collectors. Paper type, methods and overall quality are really terrific. In 2012, John Reid of OzeFilm wrote an article about Robert Burton Printers (link)  and I highly recommend it. He also had a chance to speak with a former employee about the history, process and printing techniques (link). As he writes in the articles, the Australian movie poster craft and it’s artists have gone largely undocumented and unrecognized. Reid does a nice job of shedding some light on the art form.
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3 thoughts on “Australian Swamp Thing Film Poster

  1. I hope you own a magnifying glass because you need one for conformation of this appearance. Swampy is in All-Star Squadron #53 (jan 86) standing behind Black Lightning on page 19.


    1. Thanks Mark! I’ll have to take another look at that book. I used to own it because there was a rumored appearance but I never could find it after scouring every page. can you email me a picture of the appearance?


  2. I’m useless but my wife says she’ll do it tomorrow. I’m not allowed to do anything too complicated due to many screw-ups in the past. lol


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