CONvergence 2007 Shirt

CONvergence 2007 Creature Feature
CONvergence is an annual Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention out of Bloomington, Minnesota. The con began in 1999 and has been going strong ever since. In 2007, the convention theme was Creature Feature which focused on the horror genre as well as monsters. The 2007 convention shirt features many Things including, Ben Grimm, Man-Thing, Thing from the Adams Family, Thing 1 & 2, John Carpenter’s Thing, one of the Wild Things, The Thing with Two Heads, Swamp Thing and a couple other things that I can’t readily identify.

Front of shirt
 photo FF51042D-D59E-4AFB-8598-EFA840DDCC75.jpg
 photo 9ABCD636-BBEF-4686-8351-39D30969B798.jpg
 photo 5FE4B74F-3EB0-4B43-911F-97CC96183ABA.jpg
Back of shirt
 photo 5B339FFE-3E09-41C4-B02B-2BBBDDD7BEE0.jpg


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