DC Comics Justice League Tarot Cards

Justice League Tarot (2015)

Christmas just isn’t the same without dabbling in the dark arts. Just in time for the holidays, DC released Justice League Tarot, a 78 card set featuring great artwork by Sara Richard. The illustrations have a sketchy feel to them. There are some real gems within the deck. Here are a few of my favorites.
 photo 042EC0F9-1CAE-442C-AF6C-066513E93B59.jpg

The most special card of all is Swamp Thing, of course. I had doubts that he would make the deck but I bought the set this afternoon hoping for the best. With 78 cards, Swampy has to make the cut. He is drawing an A in the sand at the bottom of the bayou. Is A for Abigail, Alec or maybe Anton?
 photo 39E36E98-44D8-47E4-941C-E458784E8B05.jpg

Constantine – The Magician
 photo 89205819-2E90-4215-80E1-82F4EA3C415B.jpg

Batman – Justice
 photo 44E69136-F950-4974-8290-FDE7264C61AF.jpg

Deadman – The Hanged Man
 photo 2D2A67F7-2D89-4CCF-A09E-0289D2007F9D.jpg

Spectre – Judgement
 photo D3E9B687-5459-458C-8351-63A70559F200.jpg

Zatanna – Queen of Wands
 photo 1F6104E1-7731-4EF4-A3D0-8EF0DBFB3E4A.jpg

The whole crew celebrating with a holiday fest – Four of Wands
 photo F7E0B3B0-D312-4E2E-AF57-B17E522ED9B1.jpg

It looks like Doctor Fate, Martian Manhunter and Batman have the holiday blues.
 photo 72503ACF-A942-4541-A91E-343603AD16EA.jpg

Etrigan – Seven of Wands
 photo DA6BBD73-0620-49F4-9D14-611E08F8C69A.jpg

Plastic Man – Nine of Cups
 photo 249EEA10-C748-4910-A8B9-C8D5EAD78E34.jpg

Swamp Thing – Five of Pentacles
 photo B3C4EB18-0E2F-4DFD-8307-1118313F9587.jpg

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