The Buyer’s Guide for Comic Fandom 199

The Buyer’s Guide for Comic Fandom 199
September, 9 1977

Slowly but surely I’ve been making my way trough the stacks of Buyer’s Guides that I picked up from my local shop. There are a number of great illustrations, comic strips and ads relating to Swamp Thing. The cover was illustrated by John Totleben and depicts Batman in a tree, on the prowl. Totleben would have been about 19 years old at the time he created the illustration. 6 years later Totleben, along with Bissette, began working on Swamp Thing in 1983.
 photo 0A7DAA3D-B141-4B22-935A-9B905DDE81F9.jpg
It has been cited that his first published work was in Heavy Metal in January 1979.
 photo 0FC8173E-A09E-4BBD-A3D9-CADE764FA9DA.jpg

The paper features an amazing Swamp Thing vs Man-Thing spread. Unfortunately, I’m not able to find any information about the artist, Randy Lance.
 photo FF7E5BD6-A6EF-4B26-8E09-69B69168EC90.jpg

 photo 59A27D09-C0E7-433F-9CB2-AF76933C21F5.jpg

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