Buyer’s Guide 318

The Buyer’s Guide for Comic Fandom 318
December 21, 1979

This issue of the Buyer’s Guide features a spectacular Swamp Thing illustration by Butch Guice. Guice’s take on Swamp Thing is a little more gnarly looking with jagged root-like details.
 photo E1C7B625-1B03-4EC1-95C7-6F43D105AA0D.jpg
Guice’s first credited work in comics was penciling and inking The Crusaders #1 in 1982, 3 years after he completed this cover. Although he never worked on any Swamp Thing books, at eighteen, he would have done a wonderful job based on this depiction.
 photo 702FF428-0F3F-433A-9351-84E345D51988.jpg
 photo 7AB9467A-A6BB-4446-89FF-2D3E39BA7E50.jpg

The paper features a full page Lollapaloosa ad. Lollapaloosa was a fanzine that ran for five issues in the late 70s. The book had a limited print run of 500 copies per issue. I’ve found them quite difficult to track down. A couple of the zines feature some really great Swamp Thing illustrations.
 photo 956B6B08-B2E7-4E21-A1C0-B9AAF706D811.jpg

Here is a detail from the ad featuring Swamp Thing.
 photo 26E8A95B-B84D-4778-9051-ED580464FBD1.jpg

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