The Saga of the Swamp Thing 12 (series 2)

The Saga of the Swamp Thing 12 (1983)
And Yet It Lives
 photo 89519D44-2150-4488-8E2A-6ADBFF5941E1.jpg

We last see Swamp Thing plummeting over an icy cliff with the Golem dead set on killing him.
 photo DF0A750F-875F-4172-AE16-B2F3AD26C029.jpg
Swampy makes short work of the Golem
 photo 4A8493F3-EFB1-4369-AB91-FD44C05BD2B7.jpg

Back ar their hotel, Barclay and Liz are assaulted by Grasp (the Conclave henchman). They are able to escape his clutches and make their way to Swamp Thing, Kay and the crew.
 photo E389EC2C-3315-4EE2-92E2-93E75795DE6F.jpg

And just like that, the Golem is back.
 photo 7F711AA9-4606-484F-82CC-0AFC29F03C21.jpg

Kay gives a pep talk to his crew. Everyone looks less than excited. They really should make a reliable vehicle adequate for a Swamp Thing. He doesn’t have much room back there
 photo DA600CC6-121D-41B2-93DF-4DF20CBD1707.jpg

The crew track down Karen at the Synagogue, as planned.
 photo 3651AA56-B754-4387-A116-2C196E07FCB8.jpg

Through a great deal of inner turmoil, Swamp Thing winds up taking matters into his own hands.
 photo 7F7F9824-0300-4213-99D5-ECEF26306B1B.jpg

While psionic death rays are set to full-blast, Swamp Thing turns Karen into a pretzel leaving us to believe, temporarily, that evil has been dealt with.
 photo E4BC648D-E790-4074-9067-7DC03ED3AC57.jpg
 photo A59F462B-7C6E-4DDC-9BE6-D188D9056762.jpg

The evil spirit/Karen leaves one vessel for another
 photo 6AB8ED4E-26DD-4495-92FD-757957E9E05D.jpg
 photo 7351BB7B-E4D7-4AEA-8E96-D98DEC833BAC.jpg

The issue comes to a head on a windy bridge. The whole crew is back together with the Conclave agents close by, ready to strike. The evil spirit has taken hold of Liz and begins to teleport everyone to it’s evil layer.
Note: knowing who Grasp actually is, I’m not sure why he is shown pointing a gun at the evil spirit
 photo 9FB230F6-BCC9-4A68-8E87-0B91989B1CBB.jpg

Grasp is codename 666…
 photo EB098B69-3BFF-4009-A99B-13F5DF615C05.jpg

Letters Page:
Well, you can’t please everyone. For the most part, the letters page is a tough read at the start of series two. Everyone criticizes Pasko and Yeats, Looking for what Wrightson and Wein put into the character.
 photo 26E6A4CD-1FD0-4590-A77B-EDC94D3ED811.jpg

Tough customers
 photo 42F72ACA-30DC-4239-8226-05142CD1B51A.jpg

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