Fangoria 16

Fangoria #16 November 1981

features part 2/3 of On The Set of Swamp Thing. Part 1 can be found in Fangoria 15.
 photo 96298A3A-4C55-4643-9941-2FCB6EF23C73.jpg
The article spotlights Adrienne Barbeau and includes insight from actor Nicholas Worth and stuntman/walking fireball Tony Cecere
 photo D533A536-0187-42EC-BF36-B1AD859A4C07.jpg

 photo 5D1D3791-C62A-40CC-A169-85DB534EE561.jpg

Barbeau recalls her stunts and the hard work that went into her role.
 photo DA7F7B9E-B509-4257-8BB0-F519D898EF8C.jpg

As the article implies and the movie reveals, there are a number of differences between the movie and the book.
 photo 7E0FFC40-221E-4AD6-8FCC-1244A148DFF8.jpg

 photo 4C13DE64-621D-4056-A65A-AF8EDFC8052D.jpg

It would be fun to know which issues Barbeau read for research.
 photo 47F846E8-CBF1-4D91-9729-45E9545C2A14.jpg

Actor, Nicholas Worth has a brief interview while waiting for the lab explosion scene to be filmed.
 photo 39720448-1CC5-4BE0-A19C-A5C5E4C90494.jpg

Stuntman, “human torch-fireball” Tony Cecere!
 photo 5CD155C6-EF0C-4CC2-A512-5B024E71CDDA.jpg

The dangers involved in stunt work, especially fire related stunts is intense. Below is a great photo taken from the set. I haven’t come across the particular photo before, it’s pretty great.
 photo A87F9E72-144F-4595-9B4D-2C6D25E197A6.jpg

Cecere explains the creation of the flammable gel used by professionals and how he was involved in the production/distribution of it in the States. Pretty interesting stuff. He even helped to provide the materials to stuntmen at a fair cost.
 photo 18E63272-0699-4665-A868-656680469E09.jpg

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