Graham Crackers Spring Newsletter

Graham Crackers Comic Books Spring Newsletter
April-June 2014
 photo D4193AAF-AA5E-4B8E-8299-6120EF3EF4AE.jpg
Graham Crackers owns a chain of comic shops in the Chicago area. I was thrilled to see that they featured Swamp Thing on their 2014 Spring newsletter. I wasn’t aware of this Swampy sighting until a couple months ago and am glad I was able to get a copy.
 photo 53667A01-054A-465D-A0EB-E6693EFFFB90.jpg

The newletter features ads and info for all of their stores.
 photo 0626939C-817D-48D8-AD2F-2075A07EC12C.jpg

This club sign-up sheet is pretty great. There should be more comic clubs and fan clubs.
 photo 475EA425-5839-4593-92CF-A1BAFC11B0C1.jpg

The back cover features upcoming activities.
 photo 787D7163-0CC0-42A8-8C65-DEEE6CD38903.jpg

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