Comics Buyer’s Guide 687

Comics Buyer’s Guide #687 January 16, 1987
 photo 28A7B0DA-EFF3-4AAA-ACE9-7B807C1D6525.jpg

I’ve mentioned before that I am slowly but surely getting through a mountain of Comics Buyer’s Guides and here’s another one. There are numerous reasons why I enjoy reading CBGs. News, article, cool ads, comic strips, reviews; it’s all here. This issue contains a fun parody strip as well as an ad featuring Swamp Thing.
 photo 89A33763-72A1-4313-93EE-DCF873991C88.jpg

 photo C5005B6D-E8B5-4C70-9AC3-FFEEA0988A39.jpg
Numerous CBGs published In 1987 feature this Swamp Thing ad. The ad works as an incentive for consumers as well as advertisers. It’s a pretty neat idea, I wonder how it worked out for participants. Swamp Thing 21 is a classic issue and certainly worth the subscription nowadays.
 photo A799FBAC-70C0-4220-8518-E9E00040258D.jpg

Even The Boss gets a parody
 photo 6E5E63B4-0C1A-4952-BB69-D37ED4CBA2DD.jpg

Blunder Cats, Hooooo!
written by Mike Carlin, drawn by Steve Ditko
 photo D7D12BB1-3F79-4254-902C-7B43B82BD5C0.jpg

Boy, this would be ideal. Wouldn’t it?
 photo F8A24E04-A404-4BD4-8A40-4497B3BAD019.jpg

This installment of Oh No, Not Another Team-Up features Swamp Thing getting filleted.
 photo DB2BB22E-4B22-409A-9D8C-BF6ECC1FDF42.jpg

His assailant is Axel Pressbutton. Thank you Swamp Mark for letting me know who he was! I had no idea.
 photo 89A33763-72A1-4313-93EE-DCF873991C88.jpg

This full page ad sums up my relaxing and delicious Christmas experience
 photo EE9715C9-CEDD-44E8-8E4D-C472862FA12C.jpg

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