Fangoria 17

Fangoria #17 November 1981
features On The Set of Swamp Thing, part 3 of 3. Part 1 can be found in Fangoria 15, part 2 can be found in issue 16.
 photo 2006E10A-DAE9-4D59-8114-79BEFD1C8292.jpg

Unfortunately, part 3 of the series doesn’t have much of a focus on Swamp Thing . The subtitle “also: dinner with a Playmate” references the brief, immature and sexist intro pertaining to model, Karen Price. I’ll spare you of the details.
 photo 3A0CD3C5-7BFD-4F72-95E3-57D598BC1C58.jpg

since the on-set interview with Craven was shared by a group of journalists, more thorough accounts of the interview can be found in Cinefantastique volume 11 number 4, Cinefantastique volume 12 number 4Famous Monsters 183, The Twilight Zone Magazine 11 and a few other movie/sci-fi related magazines published around the same time. Below are some of the details.
 photo 096C5E6F-3B4E-4E04-8ED8-1A5B48BF22F0.jpg
 photo FFCC0886-FCAE-4ED8-BF27-EA60DF5ABF4B.jpg
 photo 0038270F-5F0F-4D76-9B64-51299C33DD3E.jpg
 photo D666676D-B5C8-4EBA-8239-9FF46EB7E640.jpg
 photo 10266E82-5BB1-4817-8BF5-6F41631095F5.jpg
 photo F01170A9-2D3B-4CEF-AD2E-9AC9A41CB03C.jpg

I enjoyed the following bit about Craven’s start in the movie biz. I did not realize he got his start so late and with a little help from Harry Chapin.
 photo A92F5D72-9AD3-4388-9CB9-40F9B3EE7140.jpg

Below is a reference to production troubles while shooting Swamp Thing in relation to other film projects Craven was working on at the time.
 photo 835B800B-7009-4AB6-98A0-4162B0F975C8.jpg
 photo B31190E0-38FD-49F2-A089-462DDC59A4EA.jpg

“… best suited for a very young audience”
 photo FCBA9B78-4650-44D4-8D70-6C2436DA80FE.jpg

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